What Is Trauma?

Trauma, or physical injury, commonly occurs during sport, exercise or other physical activities as a result of improper training practices, the inaccurate use of equipment, or an accident. Trauma can also occur when you are not medically fit for the activity you are participating in or have not properly stretched or warmed up before starting the activity.

Common injuries include sprains, strains, swollen muscles, fractures, joint dislocation, and Achilles tendon injuries.

Many of these occur unexpectedly and are known as acute injuries. You may experience sudden and severe pain, swelling around the injury, inability to place weight on that limb, tenderness around the area, inability to move the joint or visible dislocation of the joint.

Chronic injuries happen when you overuse a part of the body when playing a sport or exercising for an extended period of time. Signs that it is a chronic and not acute injury include pain when performing the activity, swelling and a dull ache that continues even while at rest.

Responding to Trauma

If you experience either acute or chronic injuries, do not work through the pain and stop immediately, as continuing may make the condition worse.

You may need to see a medical professional and should seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe pain, swelling or numbness, cannot tolerate or hold weight on the injured limb, feel pain, aching or swelling from an old injury or the joint feels unstable.