Hip Arthroscopy

This surgery aims to investigate the ligaments, capsule and joint surface inside your hip joint using a small camera called an arthroscope. In some cases, tears of the capsule, labrum, gluteal tendons and anatomical defects can be treated to preserve or improve the stability of your hip.

Do you need surgery?

Conservative measure such as Physiotherapy and injections will always be tried first. Surgery may be recommended after non-operative options have been explored without success. Your surgeon can help you decide when and whether surgery is a good option.

What happens during surgery?

A small incision is made at your hip. Your surgeon will use a small camera to assess the structures of your hip and views this on a screen. Defects are treated where possible, the joint is drained of excess fluid and your skin is closed with sutures.

What could go wrong?

Complications are rare, and include infection, injury to structures around the hip, blood clots in the legs or lungs, and the risks associated with having an anaesthetic. If you have a repair, there is small chance the repair may fail and a 6% likelihood you may need further surgery. It is important to discuss risks and voice any concerns you may have with your surgeon before having surgery.

Participating in your rehabilitation

This a minor surgical procedure allowing most patient to go home on the same day as the operation. Rest up for a few hours in the morning and afternoon on the initial few days to control swelling and pain. Take pain medication if you have discomfort. This surgery may not address all causes of your problem, and therefore we may recommend a course of Physiotherapy to help identify and reduce emotional, postural and habitual stresses that could be contributing to your symptoms.

Benefits you can expect

Some people use crutches for several days then resume their usual daily activities. In most cases, the surgery helps to clean up the joint, clear infection or repair soft tissues. This surgery provides good results for some and only par-tial relief for others.